7 Best Apps For Streaming Video on Android Devices

Here are seven apps that provide a great streaming experience on your Android device, whether you’re relaxing at home with Wi-Fi or out and about with a 3G or 4G connection.

What’s more… all these apps can be downloaded for free from Google Play except Netflix and Hulu Plus for which there is a monthly subscription.

(1) Crackle
Crackle is great for one main reason; it’s completely free. You’re able to stream a healthy list of TV shows and movies. You won’t find blockbuster-grade movies or shows, but there’s more than enough in the app to keep anyone entertained.

(2) HBO Go
HBO Go provides users with access to its original programming and an impressive list of hit movies. The only drawback to the app is that it requires you be a current subscriber to HBO through your cable provider. Before you can access the HBO Go content, you’ll have to sign in to your provider’s service to prove your worth.
Once you confirm that you have an HBO subscription, you’ll be able to stream HBO content anywhere you have a 3G signal, for no additional charge.

(3) Max Go
Max Go, the streaming app for Cinemax, has the same requirements the HBO Go app does — you need to be an active subscriber to the channel through your cable provider. If you are, you’ll gain free access to Cinemax’s movie catalog and original series on your Android device.

(4) Dropbox
With the latest update to the Dropbox app for Android, users on Android 4.0 can now stream video stored in their Dropbox account to their device over 3G. If you have your own movies, videos, and shows you want to watch anywhere, anytime, but don’t want to hog the storage on your Android device and have some room to spare on Dropbox, you’re all set.

(5) TED
If you’re looking to learn something new or be inspired by unexpected people and topics, the popular TED talks are available on your Android device. According to the listing there are a total 1,200+ videos, with more talks being added weekly.

(6) Netflix
Netflix has become a staple for streaming content. Whether you want to stream on your computer, Xbox, Apple TV, or smartphone, Netflix has you covered. The catalog of movies, shows, and documentaries is impressive and growing. The app itself is free, but you’ll have to subscribe for $7.99 a month in order to stream content on any device, not just your Android.
Once you get set up, you can stream from anywhere so long as you have a 3G connection.

(7) Hulu Plus
Hulu Plus is another great streaming service that provides access to the most current seasons of select TV shows. As with Netflix, the Hulu Plus app is free but requires a monthly subscription of $7.99 to get access with “limited advertising.” If you haven’t used the service before, you can get a one-week trial before committing to the monthly fee.

NOTE : When streaming over your carrier’s data connection, be it 3G or 4G, you’re going to be eating into your data plan. If you’re on an unlimited plan, you have nothing to worry about, but if you’re using a tiered data plan you’ll want to keep your streaming in line with your data cap.

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