15 Top Google Chrome Extensions That Help You For Better Browsing

Google Chrome is the Browser that combines minimal design with sophisticated technology. There are many extensions available for Google Chrome at the Chrome Webstore, but you should be extra cautious when installing those extensions as they will decrease Chrome’s startup speed very much. If you have a good processor and good amount of RAM then you don’t need to worry about it. Some extensions can make Chrome crash frequently and some may demand more resources.

1. WOT(web of trust)- Know the trust level of any website. You can completely depend on its ratings. This extension popups whenever you visit an untrusty website. By registering for mywot.com you can also rate and comment on trust level of websites.

2. Autopager- Automatically load the next page of a site inline when you reach the end of the current page for Infinite scrolling! It saves you lot of time and enhances your productivity.

3. Speed Dial- Add Infinite number of dials and site logos as thumbnails. Add background image, Google search box to “New tab” page.

4. ESPN Cricinfo- Get cricket updates, news, specials everyday and don’t forget you will get live score updates every minute!

5. Chrome IE Multi tab-Some of the microsoft websites like update.microsoft.com supports only Internet explorer. They won’t support Chrome,Firefox,Opera or any other browser except IE. Through this extension you can access those sites directly from Chrome.

6. Chrome pad- A Plain, simple pad to save tidbits of text when you surf the web. It also supports HTML tags.

7. Sitezmeter- Shows the PageRank of webpages you are browing plus site traffic charts from Google Trends, Alexa and Compete. Compare charts between websites of your choice.

8. Chromed Bird- Awesome Twitter client extension for Chrome with lots of features like Tweeting,retweeting,shortening URLs and many more. You don’t need twitter.com anymore to check your tweets!

9. Youtube video lyrics- Get lyrics for the YouTube music video you are watching. This extension gets lyrics from popular sites when you are watching music videos.

10. 20 Things I Learned About Browsers & the Web- It’s an illustrated book on things you have always wanted to know about the web but were afraid to ask.

11. Invisible Hand- Automatically get lowest price on whatever you’re buying on the web.

12. Read later fast- Save pages to read your favourite webpages later (online or offline) and increase your productivity.

13. Remember the milk- The best to-do list tool used by millions world-wide. Never forget any task!

14. Shareaholic- The easiest way to share all the things over Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Buzz, Email. Shorten URLs automatically.

15. Save as PDF- If you like a webpage and want to read it as a E-book, convert any webpage into PDF format with Save as pdf. It uses pdfcrowd.com to convert HTML page to PDF

Download: Chrome Web Store

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